Modify me

An interactive installation that looks like a photo booth, where you can modify yourself. 20 Different buttons, with 20 different animations of modifications that grow on your face. Thanks to face tracking it fits perfectly on your face and there are many combinations possible. After modifying yourself there is an option to print the end result. However, this results in an anti-climax for the modification is not printed.

The idea is that everybody is curious how they will look like with a different look. Even on internet our avatars seem different from us and if we create wii characters they mostly look idealized from our appearance.

Some first reactions were, "is it broken?" "huh! it's not on the print'. But after a second look, you find the text with explanation that if you truly wanted to see those modifications on the photo you should change in real life. Although the anti-climax people were not disappointment, but Instead, brought their friends to come try it as well.

With thanks to engineer Jerke van den Braak.

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